Als ghostblogger schrijf ik Engelse blogteksten voor de internationaal erkende multidisciplinaire artiest DOES die een breed publiek aanspreken; van street art-fans tot kunstcritici. De sfeer en inhoud van mijn teksten weerspiegelen het werk van de kunstenaar. Ik pas de teksten aan naar behoefte voor een blog of gebruik op social media.

Klik hier voor een overzicht van de blogs of lees hieronder het blog The END; over het eind van een bijzonder paar schoenen.


The end

The circle is complete. Asia, there where my journey began is where it now ends. One must know when his time has come. If you´ve been in my footsteps and walked my walk, then you know that time has come now. My perspectives have been endless. And yet they end here. I am a pair of Nike Sellwood Mic AC. I went global. Before I step aside, let me tell you about it.

DOES and I, we go way back. He laced me up and walked me down streets all around the globe, from South America to Europe and from Oz to the USA. I rubbed his feet while he rocked his art. Together we stood strong just meters away from a brown snake while working (on a mural in) the streets of Tasmania. I gave him wings running away from one particular furious train driver because of…well you know what. We just barely escaped. This job is not made for the fainthearted, I tell you. Easygoing as I may be, leaving my prints in the favela of Copacabana nearly made me loose my grib. But livin on the edge is how I like it. I lost count of the many times I looked over the rim of a scaffold or lift high above the ground. Every time my view would be different. From looking out over teal blue waters to staring into the big black hole of a metro tunnel for six weeks straight.

Each time DOES made sure I looked at my best. Scarred by a life of colours, shapes and composition, he would use his spraycan to paint me white again. I guess there is only so much one can do. Listening to his complaints about his feet getting wet, I know I have to bite the bullit. It´s time for the next pair to follow in my steps. Farewell my friend.

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